Want to dig deeper?

by | Feb 9, 2021

…into the minds of your customers?

  1. Review the current “tools” in your toolbox before you add AI. While AI is effective, it’s not a crystal ball.

Marshall Solutions AI (MSAI) is an already-built, Human Awareness AI model created with 4 predictor models that shed light on what primary data, secondary data, transactional data, chat bot data, historical data, and more, does not even see. The MSAI model uncovers opportunities based on your pain points.

  1. Upload specific data samples for an assessment prior to committing to a comprehensive analysis to assure confidence levels are acceptable. Unacceptable data is not integrated with the MSAI model.

Data gathered in a consistent fashion (methodology, exact wording, annually) is the best data to use with AI. Now, that being said, MSAI and WillowAI process disparate data sources using relational and non-relational databases and a data integration file usable with the AI model.

  1. Subscribe to the Predictor Reports that best fit your needs: Market, Category and INSIGHT and RETAIL analysis/ predictor reports.

All data is secure, protected and anonymous. Specific client data is used only with/for that client. In no case is it shared in overview reports nor with your competition.