Business Pain Points 101

by | Feb 23, 2021

Are. You. Ready?

Upon giving considerable thought to your pain points and how Artificial Intelligence may be a tool that will shed light on actionable changes for your business, set an appointment with a Marshall Solutions AI Predictor Advisor.

Examples of Pain Points:

  • Describe your best customer(s) and then how you’re finding more of them right now. Are you looking
  • Do you have customer data available to you in the form of research (primary or secondary), transactions, inventory, accounting to know what should be in your store and what should be online?
  • What operational business “tasks” are time consuming and seem to prevent you from accomplishing more important revenue producing endeavors?
  • Are you aware that customer service chat bot data can be run through an AI model to share how more about how your customers want to be treated?
  • Think about the structure and systems in place at your business. Which are at peak performance and which are lagging behind?